Document management service

Companies associated in the Envien Group process approximately 100,000 incoming and outgoing documents per year. They were looking for a solution that would automate the processes of approving, processing, decommissioning, archiving and liquidation documents in accordance with the organizational structure and internal guidelines.

This solution we have built on Microsoft SharePoint platform and the GSCAN scanning system. We have introduced a transparent system that works with automatically pre-filled forms, checks for duplicates, archives documents, manages document and request approvals (for document loans, copies and previews), alerts users, and so on. The availability of documents as such is based on department and users‘ rights. We have increased the work comfort level for users and made the searching for files and documents easier for them as well.

HB Reavis Slovakia, a. s.

HR portal and reporting

HB Reavis Slovakia, a. s, needed a flexible human resources portal to unburden themselves of administrative tasks and to simplify reporting.

We have built their solution on Microsoft SharePoint platform that allows creating custom data objects, relations, and, last but not least, processes in the form of a workflow infrastructure. We have extended the native functionality by WBI’s own custom programming solutions to maximize the coverage of client needs for managing employees as well as external colleagues. Their new system helps them simplify HR processes (e.g. employment start / end, data change, giving bonuses, …) and related tasks (storing documents, registering rights, approving, …). For transparent reporting, the Power BI solution is available to the client..

Imperial Tobacco Slovakia a. s.


The second largest tobacco company currently in Slovakia was looking for a solution that will allow it to accurately record employee absences and vacations. It needed to minimize manual errors, shorten the time taken by approvals, automate related processes, and increase user comfort. Imperial Tobacco Slovakia has decided for the Vacations tool developed by WBI professionals and based on Microsoft SharePoint. As a result, the company has dropped the paper type of requests and today it manages the entire employee absences agenda through a simple and well-arranged application that the input, approval and registration intelligent processes are tied to.

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