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D-Exchange online
I-Office 365


One of the most widespread ERP systems in the world that not only uses dozens of our customers but also more than one hundred thousand companies in the world. It is one of the few enterprise information systems that offers the opportunity for international deployment, broad functionality, continuous development and support for world-class technology, as well as industry-specific solutions from partners.


Microsoft Dynamics AX is a solution for enterprise resource planning and management (ERP) and e-business with a high degree of customization and a wide range of settings tailored to the specific needs of the business. The solution includes applications not only for internal management and administration but also for business and communication applications that enable companies to build and strengthen their relationships internally with employees as well as externally with customers, suppliers and business partners. Establishing a network of solid relationships is a real challenge and a competitive advantage in every area of business.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a corporate system that is ideal for managing your customer relationships. With CRM, you know not only the history of your business relationships, but you have all the business, marketing and service activities at your fingertips in real time. The CRM system guides your salespersons step by step to successful sales, does not bother them with the administration, and increases their mobility and productivity. Marketing department benefits from a qualitative database of former, current and potential customers and can generate targeted and automated campaigns. The service exactly recognizes the customer and can take care of it precisely. MS Dynamics CRM is the ideal solution for all companies that consider quality business relationships as the essence of business.


E-mail, calendar, and contacts to your computer, phone, or web browser. Exchange Online enhances your productivity, protects your organization’s data while keeping everything under control. Provides an email service on Microsoft globally redundant servers that is protected by malware and junk mail filters and has continuous IT support.


SharePoint Online provides powerful SharePoint features without any additional cost of managing your infrastructure. Flexible management capabilities ensure that you maintain the necessary compliance control within your organization. SharePoint in the cloud can be purchased as a standalone or as part of the Office 365 package to access Exchange, Lync, Office and Web applications.
With mobile sharepoint apps, you get easy access to the SharePoint updates feed channel, which you can work with, all over the world and across devices.
The setting is done in a moment. The powerful organization management console enables easy management of options, policies, and security for all content and all SharePoint features. Automatic server maintenance ensures constant up-to-date features and minimal downtime.


Skype for Business is a handy interactive tool that allows you to organize video conferencing for meetings or presentations online, to send instant messages within one application. It connects people around the world regardless of the operating system, allows you to pass control, send polls, and much more.

Microsoft Windows Server


A familiar and very widespread solution from Microsoft for companies that want to focus on their business rather than on IT management. Windows Server helps you increase productivity, protect data, and gain easy access to your applications and files from anywhere and using any device.


Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database system that serves desktop applications, enterprise applications, and web database systems. This solution covers the full range of hardware platforms from clustered servers to portable and handhelds running Windows Mobile.

Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft Office is a solution with all the office applications that every business needs. It allows you to use state-of-the-art technology without having to invest in software servers on such an agenda as mail, document storage, or conference software for meetings and presentations. Servers are stored in Microsoft’s huge data centers and individual services are paid on a monthly basis, as is the case with telephone operators.


You can always create and share current, accurate, and easy-to-use reports quickly, without programming skills. Just have a good Business Intelligence solution that makes it possible to make decisions dynamically based on clear facts. WBI experts will be happy to advise you on choosing the right solution, we have several scenarios ready for you that are built on globally proven and widely compatible technologies.