microsoft dynamics ax

Microsoft Dynamics AX for project companies

Companies providing complex project services – in software, transport, coordination, business … need a smart and comprehensive system to make work easier for employees and focus on projects.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • integrates project and financial management with resource management,
  • eliminates barriers between departments,
  • simplifies customer cooperation,
  • removes paper load.

For the network industry, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution can be equipped with fully compatible MECOMS ™ technology that adds specialized tools to facilitate the life and success of your business with features such as Finance, CRM, Purchasing, Human Resources Management and Project Management

Option overview

  • Provides flexible scheduling, hierarchy, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) analysis,
  • It allows you to define Matrix rules and templates for WBS, individual user roles, payment terms, rates, costs etc.
  • Effective tracking time and input costs, managing and automating workflows
  • Enables efficient revenue billing and monitors billing rules for the project
  • Automates major workflows
  • Improves the billing system
  • It clears administrative tasks
  • Improves delivery with a precise budget and time
  • Provides web and communication portals for collaborating with remote employees
  • Allows reuse of templates, automates key business processes
  • Continuously measures customer satisfaction
  • Delivering an Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • It monitors the use of resources and the cost increase
  • He points to risks and discrepancies
  • Integrates project accounting with MS Office Project Server 2003
  • It accesses all important systems and data through the central interface – using only one password
  • It integrates projects and production