Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Operations

  • All processes under control
  • Quick adjustment or change of production as needed
  • Reducing delivery times
  • Reducing surplus stocks
  • Improving resource use
    cost reduction
  • Continuous production optimization
  • Smooth operation without downtime and overload
  • Simplify trading of subsidiaries

The Microsoft Dynamics AX solution is ideal for controlling and optimizing lean, process and discrete production.

Simple and transparent system

  • Clear visualization of work activities, tasks, processes, reports, key indicators
  • Manage through user roles – up to 8 specific production positions
  • Simple evidence of manufactured pieces or production time – touch control
  • Keep track of up-to-date production with current costs
  • Known control as on other Microsoft products (full compatibility with common tools such as Word, Excel, SharePoint

Plan everything, including alternative production scenarios

  • Intelligent planning:
    • Suppliers
    • Employees
    • Spaces
    • Instruments and machinee
  • Fast rescheduling and simulation of alternatives (Gantt diagram)
  • Cost plan over time

Manage your production in a comprehensive way with up-to-date information

  • Centralized multilevel management of products, services, billboards, prescriptions, electronic signatures, packaging options …
  • Intuitive assignment of tasks according to capabilities and possibilities
  • Kaban panels for automation of production according to demand
  • Advanced Product Configurator
  • Easy item management with up to three dimensions and their combinations
  • The ability to create specific dimensions for overall product tracking
  • Several manufacturing strategies, such as custom-made production, warehouse production, custom-made installation, custom-made …

Storage is clear and without unnecessary cost

  • Several management methods:
    • Best Befor,
    • First Expired / First Out (FEFO)
    • First In / First Out (FIFO)
    • Last In / First Out (LIFO)
  • Centralized control of many locations with specific costs, prices, product categories, time zones …
  • Several ways of valuing inventory
  • Capacity planning in unrestricted or unrestricted resource mode
  • Applying inter-company business policy

With the system you integrate financial and accounting operations

  • Financial operations on the main book, bank operations, asset accounts, receivables and payables, budget control, intercompany billing and shared costs
  • Ensuring compliance with current laws, business and organizational rules, including internal controls

Simplify the trade

  • Sales management and automation,
  • Opportunities management,
  • Business case management
  • Automation of marketing

Business Intelligence

  • Permanent employees‘ access to information, reports
  • Automatically generated customer reports
  • The ability to build custom BI reports and analyzes with pre-prepared data cubes.