We are a company with a long history. We have been operating in the information technology market since 1996. Initially, Solitea WBI focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have gradually grown into a technology company based exclusively on Microsoft technologies, world technology units. We strive to be exceptional and enrich the vision of our clients with a specific IT view built on the experience of our team.

We are a strategic partner of Microsoft. Microsoft’s developers work daily on innovative IT solutions that provide Solitea WBI with customers and enable them to harness their full potential. Certified Solitea WBI specialists have extensive experience with Microsoft’s entire portfolio of solutions that comprehensively covers the needs of our clients.

Our Solitea WBI team includes consultants with proven business and managerial skills. They are able to understand the client’s strategic goals and know business models in selected segments. We can identify and name the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions and to translate them into concrete projects, and to ensure that objectives are achieved in the deadlines.

The modern and slightly informal corporate culture of Solitea WBI allows us to cooperate naturally not only within our company but also in the project teams created together with our clients. We always communicate frankly, and the perfect result is more important to us than fixed working hours.

We tell our clients the whole truth, and we do not try to push anything for later. By proactive approach we try to identify possible problems or additional costs so that our offer is always a binding document. Our clients are just those who appreciate and share the same value. Our work does not end with the date of delivery, but we actively monitor customer systems, and we suggest possible improvements to the systems during their operation. Mutual trust leads to the synergy of growth between us and our clients.

WBI team – Kick Off – Bratislava castle