Analyzes and reports

Always current, accurate, and easy-to-use reports you create and share quickly, even without any programming skills. Just good Business Intelligence solution allows you to make decisions dynamically based on clear facts. WBI experts will be happy to give you a hint for the right solution, several scenarios are ready for you, built on globally proven and compatible technologies.


Get informations from different sources – MS Dynamics, Oracle, MySQL, Excel …


Automate reporting processes and avoid manual errors


Keep your reports available through the web and mobile apps


Ensure data match between departments and teams.


It works with globally-proven Business Intelligence solutions


Create, edit, and distribute reports without programming


Reporting without time-consuming and annoying copying, without manual errors and without programming skills.

Prepared data cubes and report templates.

Quickly customize and adjust reports and templates.

Seamless reporting even when updating your ERP system.

Always up-to-date real time data.

Reporting directly in Excel – no need to export, change format, and so on.


Data availability from different sources and different ERP systems (Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SQL, Excel …)

Automatic anomalies alerts, easy bug fixes, and rapid identification of upcoming trends in the tracking area.

From now on available bulletins / reports via a web browser or mobile application.

If you need it, you can also use the end-to-end solution – a robust, intuitive and flexible control platform with endless possibilities of use (PowerBI, mobile, web, excel …)


Automated script programming, document security, update planning

Extracting data from all sources.

Easily set rules for data transformation in drag & drop environment

Automate all SQL codes

Automatic generation of reports and their subsequent automatic distribution – daily, weekly, monthly or when different defined conditions are met.

Publish data to any format (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook …)


The advanced Business Intelligence solutions offered by WBI are based on state-of-the-art technologies that meet the strictest security, integrability and user-friendly criteria. Take advice from experts in choosing the right solution for you …


A set of analytical tools that works with hundreds of resources. Make nice reports or personalized bulletin boards.


Quick and simple reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations users.


Flexible reporting and analysis solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX users.


Business Intelligence is ready to help you in all areas of Microsoft Dynamics family solutions.